Miley Cyrus Is Hosting The VMAs, Which Makes Sense Since She Knows Them, Ahem, Intimately

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Miley Cyrus Is Hosting The VMAs  Which Makes Sense Since She Knows Them  Ahem  Intimately Miley Cyrus VMAs Robin Thicke gif

Two years after she nearly caused World War III with the mere shake of her booty, Miley Cyrus is returning to the scene of the twerk. She announced on social media last night that she’ll be hosting this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on August 30 at 9 PM.

Miley shared the following image on Instagram. Don’t ask me why she’s wearing a green bodysuit with an alien mask. I’ve found that when it comes to Miley, it’s best not to question these things.

Miley Cyrus Is Hosting The VMAs  Which Makes Sense Since She Knows Them  Ahem  Intimately Miley Cyrus VMA announcement jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

You have to admit it’s a clever way to announce it. The words, I mean, not… everything else. I’d especially like it if she could stop sticking her tongue out in every damn picture. Not because I’m tired of seeing it (although I am), but because she always sticks it out so far I’m worried she’s going to pull a muscle.

I must say it makes a lot of sense for Miley to have this gig. She and the VMAs have sort of become synonymous since TwerkGate 2013, and I’m pretty sure the things she did to that set require her to be legally married to it. It just wouldn’t be right for her to twerk and run. (Yes, I will work “twerk” into this post as much as possible. It’s my twerkly duty as a pop culture blogger.)

The only thing I’m worried about is that Miley has done so many outrageous things in recent years that the only way she’ll be able to shock us is to be totally boring. She already went semi-boring last year when she skipped the giant teddy bear humping and instead brought a homeless youth with her. But that wasn’t without its own controversy, and while we might not have discussed it for as long as we did Twerkpocalypse, it was in the news for quite a while.

But what if this year she just wears a sensible skirt suit and announces the presenters and performers in a polite and professional manner? I don’t know if my brain will be able to process that. It could drive me insane. What if this ends up being my Lifetime movie villain origin story?

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