Miley’s Fake Homeless Guy Turned Himself In, And Now She’s Helping Him Pay The Legal Costs

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Miley Cyrus and homeless friend Jesse Helt at 2014 VMAs

Just when I think the saga of “Miley Cyrus and the Fake Homeless VMAs Date” is over, new details keep emerging, and I have to re-roll my eyes at the stupidity of it all. Take, for instance, the fact that Jesse Helt turned himself in to police in Dallas, Oregon, last night after having a warrant out for his arrest for probation violation. But wait! There's more! Miley is now helping Jesse with his legal costs. #Sigh. #Facepalm. #WTF. #Ugh. I'm pretty sure this is the exact plot of a slapstick comedy I once watched.

To catch you up, Miley Cyrus brought 22-year-old Jesse as her date to the VMAs on Sunday and sent him onstage to accept her award and talk about his experience with homelessness. At first it just seemed like a Macklemore-like stunt to make Miley look good, but we soon discovered it was an even bigger mess, because Jesse is actually an aspiring model who has a welcoming home available to him with his mother but chooses not to live in it (but he did use Miley's money to fly back). He's also been arrested multiple times, and, like I said, had a warrant out for his arrest after violating probation. Yet Miley continues to defend her decision to use him of all people to bring attention to homelessness.

After turning himself in (which he kind of had to do since everyone knew where he was), Jesse posted $2,500 bail and will appear before a judge in two weeks. According to court records, Jesse had pleaded guilty to charges of misdemeanor criminal mischief and criminal trespass after he broke into the apartment of a man he thought was selling bad marijuana. (#Facepalm) He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and probation, which he violated — hence the arrest warrant. Here's his newest mugshot:

Jesse Helt mugshot August 2014

What a model. (via )

According to Trevor Neilson, a friend of Miley's who put her in touch with My Friend's Place, the homeless youth charity where she met Jesse, Miley will be helping him through his legal issues:

Miley Cyrus will be assisting him with this process, and they both are committed to working to help the other 1.6 million youth who experience homelessness in America each year.”

Yes, let's not forget all of those homeless youths. Too bad Miley didn't choose one of them to take to the VMAs. And too bad she's now using her charity money to help a homeless-by-choice aspiring model pay his legal bills for a probation violation connected to a drug-related break-in. What an admirable charity project. Miley is such an inspiration.

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