And For Her Next Trick, Miley Cyrus Will Transform From Party Girl To Homebody

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Miley Cyrus purple fur coatMiley Cyrus making headlines is nothing new. The pop star is always up to something. But lately, it seems that the “something” is staying in and giving other celebrities advice. Huh? Is this the same girl who shocked the world with a foam finger at the VMAs last year?

Short answer: yes. This advice-giving homebody is the same starlet who rode a wrecking ball completely naked, just like that music video was made by the same girl who played Disney's Hannah Montana. Miley's gone through a lot of changes in the past few years, and thanks to her celebrity status, we've witnessed all of them.

Recently Miley made headlines when she gave advice to another out-of-control youngster: Justin Bieber. And it actually made sense. She recommended partying in your own home and not doing anything illegal. Regardless of all the controversial acts that Miley's been a part of this past year, she has a point. Wearing tacky, revealing clothes and singing about doing molly is definitely ill-advised, but it's not illegal. Hate on her all you want for getting naked and swinging around on a wrecking ball, but it's better than getting arrested for a DUI when she's not even of legal age to drink. You know, like the Biebs.

Even more recently, Miley gave some reasonable, nearly wise answers in her W interview. In the interview, conducted by Ronan Farrow, and in the video component on YouTube, Miley explains that she's surprisingly a homebody. She says people think she's off partying on a private island, but that actually, she's always home in California with her four rescue dogs. And even more amazingly, that's where she wants to be.

Look up: do you see any pigs flying? This Miley seems like a completely different being than the one who posed for Terry Richardson baring her tongue and her nipples for all to see. In fact, it appears that Miley's making another transformation before our very eyes. From Hannah Montana to now was one interesting ride, but it appears she's finally pumping the brakes and slowing down.

While I wish I could say I'm happy that Miley seems to be taking a more mature turn, I'm actually a little freaked out. One of my concerns about this transformation is that Miley takes her image very seriously. No “spontaneous” moment happens without months of planning. So this switch from a naked party girl to stay-at-home dog lover is not an organic occurrence. There are cogs turning inside that shaved head of hers. Being impressed, for lack of a better word, at her seeming “transformation” actually makes me feel a little manipulated. Last year she was a party girl, this year she's a homebody and next year, well, I'm not even going to try to guess what next year will bring. Just know that it will be different enough from this year that she'll still be in the headlines.

(Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com)