Miley Cyrus Could Be On Bed Rest For Four Weeks If She Doesn’t Want To Have A Stroke

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Miley Cyrus is having a seriously tough month right now, you guys, and it's all starting to build up on top of itself, culminating now in a hospital stay that might last for up to four weeks.

It all started when she lost her favorite dog, Floyd, to a coyote attack. Most of us in the regular world could take some time to regain equilibrium after a traumatic event like that, but Miley doesn't have that luxury. She's on her Bangerz tour right now, and she was back out onstage crying her way through ‘The Scientist' less than a week later. She didn't get to take any time off to process things, and nothing makes that more obvious than the fact that her mom immediately got her a new puppy, as if that would fill the hole. Miley ended up making the responsible decision and giving the dog away, but the whole thing was very HERE IS A NEW DOG ARE YOU OVER IT YET GET BACK OUT THERE KIDDO.

But according to reports, Miley was not over it. Not even a little. TMZ says that she was going through such intense crying fits that she could barely sleep, and that to counter the feelings of depression, she turned to partying and alcohol. All of which are factors that lead to her becoming super worn down, developing a sinus infection because her immune system was so exhausted.

She went to a doctor in North Carolina where she was diagnosed with a sinus infection and prescribed a drug called ephalexin (brand name Keflex) for the first time. This is the drug that caused the allergic reaction, allegedly swelling her throat so badly that she could barely talk. She was rushed to the hospital, where they canceled her Kansas City concert, followed swiftly by her St. Louis concert.

And it looks like those two are only the beginning. According to a statement that Miley just released on Twitter (which looks to have been written in the Notes app on her iPhone), Miley could be out for up to four weeks:

And while people are understandably frustrated by this, we should all be aware that this is a really serious situation. I wasn't aware of this, but apparently Miley has tachyeardia. That means she has a faster than normal heartbeat and is encouraged to stay away from marijuana and other drugs. Especially because she's said in the past that even light exercise causes a drastic increase in her pulse:

“My heart rate increases a lot just from going up a flight of stairs. There is never a time onstage when I'm not thinking about my heart.”

Yikes. But apparently she doesn't do much to mitigate it. A doctor who doesn't treat Miley advises that if she doesn't limit or discontinue her intake of the drugs like pot and molly that she brags about loving in her songs:

“She could get heart muscle problems and even heart failure at worst. She could even end up with a stroke.”

So yeah. Her health and recovery is probably just the teensiest bit more important than those front row tickets you reserved to one of her concerts. (That you'll get the money back for anyway, so chill.)