Miley Cyrus Was Smart Enough To Not Do Blackface For Her Nicki Minaj Halloween Costume

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Miley Cyrus Halloween costume photo Nicki Minaj blackface smart

At first I was really worried when ONTD posted about a white “celebutante” (their words) dressing up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween. Especially when I saw that the tweet read @NICKIMINAJ you a stupppppiddddd hoe #stupittttstupitttt I was worried we'd have another internet feud on our hands! But when I clicked through, I saw that it was Miley Cyrus, and that this costume was an homage to Nicki.

You know what else it was? Not offensive. I have to give Miley major props for not even considering doing blackface. Because aside from how utterly awful it is, she didn't need it! One look at the photo, and it's clear that she's channeling Nicki: Crazy, cotton-candy-colored hair, heavy eye makeup, spandex outfit, even the pout is perfect. Sometimes all it takes to carry off an outfit is the confidence that you know exactly who you're imitating.

Of course, one ONTD commenter was right on the money when they pointed out that Miley probably learned her lesson after this photo came out of her doing the patented Asshole White Kid Making Fun Of Asian People's Eyes look around 2009:

Miley Cyrus Chinese eyes photo Asian offensive

It's amazing what a couple of years can do for a person. Of course, that's not Miley's real ass, but we can't fault the skinny actress for finding a way to better imitate Nicki's figure. And Nicki was obviously impressed with the whole package, since she retweeted the photo! We're gonna call this a Halloween success, and tonight's festivities haven't even started yet!

Photo: @mileycyrus