Miley Cyrus Could Be The Smartest Celebrity We Have

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Day after day Miley Cyrus continues to amaze me with her power to get publicity for doing absolutely nothing significant. Every twitpic turns into a three-ring circus of headlines where everyone jumps into the debate to figure out what she's trying to say by uploading a photo of her midriff. Never in the history of celebrities has there been a celebrity who's more skilled at being her own paparazzi.

Earlier this summer, she jumped back into the mainstream media by using dark arts, black magic and moonshine to convince Liam Hemsworth to marry her. And ever since that fateful, “sure, let's get married, even though that makes no sense since I'm a star on the rise and your dad is Billy Ray Cyrus,” she's managed to get herself in the news almost every single day.

Just two days ago she posted photos of her new haircut and the world got so excited about her new do that they acted like she was the first celebrity to discover scissors.

And now, this morning, she continues to keep the news cycle focused on her by “hiding” when paparazzi take photos of her. The girl who muploads photos every 6 minutes of her life is shy all of a sudden?

Hell no. She knows that a photo of her walking with faux-ance Liam Hemsworth won't garner that much press. But a photo of her “hiding her new haircut” would do the trick.

In fact she got a lead story on the The Daily Mail that spins this ONE photo into an entire heartbreaking story about regret, remorse and extensions?

Please note that Miley uploaded a photo of herself wearing the same shirt and sporting the same “regretful” haircut to her own Twitter (photo above) with the caption, “self love is the greatest of all flatterers.” So it's not like she spent yesterday trying to hide, herself or her love for herself. She just spent it trying to come up with more ways to get noticed.

Does Miley's ability to get into the news make her a self-obsessed attention-seeking has-been (who requires me to use as many hyphenated phrases as possible) or is she a savvy social media and publicity genius who knows how to turn a non-story into a full-fledged news palooza. I'm scared to say that I think it's the latter of the two options.

While other celebrities are forced to make movies, act on TV shows, create music, read scripts on reality TV shows and leak sex tapes to garner headlines, Miley can do it with a click of her mouse.

Which means that Miley Cyrus could be the smartest celebrity we have. It's a scary thought.