Miley Cyrus Gets Death Threats From Taylor Swift Fans, So We Have That In Common

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Miley Cyrus attending pre-Grammy gala February 2013Celebrities — they're just like us! They shop for their own groceries, they get pimples in that terrible place on the inside of their nose where it hurts so much to make any facial expression, and they get death threats from Taylor Swift fans. Or Miley Cyrus does, anyway, which means my life officially overlaps in at least one way with hers. I guess if I'm being totally honest, I was hoping the thing we'd have in common would be Liam Hemsworth, but I know when to choose my battles.

According to Miley, she gets criticism lobbed at her pretty much every day from rabid fans of artists like Selena Gomez or Taylor. Annnd when I say ‘criticisms', what I really mean is fanatic tweens who spend their hours between homeroom and gym class thinking up new and inventive ways for her to die. According to Miley's Twitter:

I understand and acknowledge that this is really sad and tragic and totally not okay, but I'm also distracted by the fact that this happens to me, too! Selena's fans keep themselves pretty under control, but some of the Taylor Swift fans out there are all but frothing at the mouth. They don't like it when we make jokes about Taylor lying in her Diet Coke commercial, and they certainly don't like it when we imply that jokes about her might be banned from the American Country Music Awards. One particular post I wrote about Taylor forgetting to change out of hangout clothes at her own concert, I got fifty-three comments, the majority coming from a back-and-forth between myself and someone I later discovered was A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL. She had a real big problem with me and my employment and also how I live my life. I'm not saying every single Taylor Swift fan is a lunatic, but they're in the top five fanbases I'd prefer not to encounter in a darkened alley, along with One Direction‘s and The Jonas Brothers‘. It's a scary world out there.

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