Welp, Here’s A Full Frontal Photo Of Miley Cyrus That You Can Never Unsee (NSFW)

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MIley Cyrus making a face tongue GIF(via)

I bet you thought it was safe to go home, didn't you? I know I did. I was collecting my things, preparing to go back out into the wintry New York evening and then BAM a full frontal photo of Miley Cyrus hit the internet.

COME ON LADIES. I'm more than happy for you to take ownership of your bodies, but can you do it during regular business hours, please? Late last year, Kim Kardashian interrupted our evening plans to show us her vajay in Paper Magazine, and now Miley is following (birthday) suit with shoot in V Magazine, the first photo from which has been released at exactly the right time to keep me from my dinner for another forty-five minutes. Thanks much, you nakey jaybird.

We don't have all the images of Miley yet, because the full issue doesn't come out until January 15th, but they were apparently taken by Miley's friend Cheyne Thomas and will appear in the magazine's music issue with some other ‘intimate Polaroids from her travels' — ominous phrasing, given how much she already shows on her Instagram. We do have one of the photos though, of Miley standing up in a bathtub facing the camera, entirely nude except for strategically placed bubbles over each of her breasts and her…Hannah Montana. (No matter how old Miley Cyrus gets, I think I'll always be uncomfortable talking about her vagina.)

AND GUESS WHAT. I'm about to show you that photo now, so do what you have to do to prepare your eyes to see it. Including getting your boss out of the room, because this is very NSFW on account of the fact that, y'know, bubbles are see-through. (Not like we haven't seen Miley's nips before, but whatever.)

Miley Cyrus full frontal breasts vagina V Magazine

(Photo: Cheyne Thomas for V Magazine)

So there's that! Enjoy your evenings, everyone. May they be full to the brim with fully-clothed humans