Your Complete Guide To Miley Cyrus’ Fifteen Tattoos, Including Her Newest Weird One

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Surprise, surprise, everybody, Miley Cyrus got a new tattoo. The recently-engaged 19-year old was spotted coming out of a Pilates studio yesterday sporting brand new ink. Seriously, this girl is getting tattooed like it's her job. Her newest is a quote from a famous speech by Theodore Roosevelt, but she already had fourteen other ones before that. And considering she only started getting tattoos in December of 2009, she's pretty much done all this in two-and-a-half years. Pretty impressive. At that rate, she should be pretty much out of skin space by 35. But for now she still (barely) has few enough that she can keep them covered by clothing most of the time, so if you're really curious about her whole collection, here's our handy guide to all the known tattoos on Miley Cyrus' body and their meanings. Probably a good idea to read it quickly before she gets another one.

  1. Just Breathe‘. This was Miley's first tattoo, and is on her chest near her heart, for her friend Vanessa and her two grandfathers, all of whom died from lung-related causes.
  2. LOVE‘. In her ear, this tattoo is meant to symbolize Miley's reminder to herself not to focus on the negativity; to let the positive messages drown all that out so all she hears is love.
  3. A heart on her right pinkie finger. The first of five tattoos that she has on that hand, this ink is a Cyrus tradition for all adult family members.
  4. A cross on the inside of her right ring finger as a reminder of her faith.
  5. A dreamcatcher on her ribcage with four feathers to represent her four siblings and protect them. Also a shout out to her family's Cherokee heritage.
  6. A weird line on her middle finger that she later turned into a peace sign but has never spoken about publicly. A Miley Cyrus mystery.
  7. An anchor on her right wrist from a trip to Brazil while on tour in 2011. Reminds her to stay grounded
  8. The word ‘karma‘ on her right index finger.
  9. An equal sign on her ring finger in support of marriage equality and her belief that all love is equal.
  10. A skull on her ankle that's believed to be part of a matching set with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth.
  11. The ‘om' symbol on her left wrist.
  12. No one knows why, but Miley has ‘Love Never Dies‘ tattooed on her left bicep.
  13. The evil eye on her right index finger.
  14. VIIXCI on the inside of her left elbow. Another tattoo that Miley hasn't explained, it's not even know which specific numbers she means to highlight. Some say 7/91, some say the series 5, 1, 1, 100, 50, 1.
  15. And finally, her most recent one — the Theodore Roosevelt quote, “So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat,” from the former-president's ‘Citizenship in a Republic' speech in 1910. The basis of the speech is to commend those who try at something with the willingness to fail instead of play it safe on the sidelines.

And that, folks, is fifteen tattoos. Which is approximately thirteen more than I could even come up with to put on my body. Be sure to check back later tonight after she tattoos her grocery list on her left shin.

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