Let’s Listen To Miley Cyrus Explain That Whole Twerking Thing

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Miley Cyrus GIFMiley Cyrus returns from the land of Unplanned Weddings today to fully explain that bizarre unicorn onesie twerking incident from last week. We may not know whether she and Liam Hemsworth are still engaged or whether or not she had lunch with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas today, but by god, I will know what transpired to make this girl shake her butt in a pair of footie pajamas and then post it on Twitter. Luckily for me and my curious-as-a-cat ways, Miley went on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show to talk about nothing in particular, and the topic of twerking just happened to come up in the course of Miley being Miley. Ryan asked her what that video was about, and she impressively answers without once bringing her lips down to cover her teeth. I think she's going for some kind of world record.

She explains that the video came about because she was on-set for a photo shoot, and decided to take advantage of the empty set after everything was all done. She had someone hanging around film her twerking, and after she showed it to a couple friends, everyone told her to put it on Twitter. Oh okay, cool, but WHY WERE YOU IN A UNICORN ONESIE? This explanation is related to the photo shoot too, as she says she knew she was gonna be dressed on-site, so she didn't bother getting dressed in the morning and just showed up in the unicorn pajamas. Alright, okay. I'll buy it, I guess. She says as much as people have negative shit to say about her acting and her singing and her accent and her hair and her personality and on and on and on…nobody has anything bad to say about her twerking video. So I guess that's good. It also makes it a safe bet that Miley doesn't read Crushable.

(Image: BuzzFeed)