Miley Cyrus Does A Pretty Killer Justin Bieber Impression On The Cover Of Elle

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Miley Cyrus on the cover of Elle May 2014I'm guessing she didn't mean to, but Miley Cyrus is doing a pretty amazing impression of Justin Bieber on the cover of Elle‘s May issue. But if she did mean to do it, I have to give the girl some serious props, because that imitation is dead. on.

The magazine shot her for their ‘Women In Music' themed issue, and she announced herself as their cover girl yesterday in a tweet that also revealed the cover:

Miley Cyrus tweet announcing her May cover of Elle Magazine April 2014

And as much as I have to give Miley grudging credit for the hashtag #elleyeah, in no way can I give her credit for the Justin look she's rocking here. There's just so much Bieber to it! From the pout, to the dead eyes, to the slouch and the way her hands are just hanging there in front of her. It all reeks of that drag-racing, egg-throwing brat.

Even down to her clothing! Elle tells me that she's wearing a sequined tunic and matching flair pants from Marc Jacobs, but something about the way the tunic is draping down across the pants in the crotch area is giving me a really strong diaper-pant vibe. Which, as we all know, is the traditional mating costume of the Canadian Bieber.

We don't have any excerpts from the interview itself yet, so we can hold out hope that Miley quits acting like Justin at least long enough to answer a few question. But if it's all back-to-back refusals to talk about Selena Gomez and thinly-veiled love notes to Austin Mahone, then we'll have a real problem. Fingers crossed!

(Photo: Michael Thompson for Elle)