Miley Cyrus Proves She’s Delusional By Defending That Fake Homeless Guy

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I had some sympathy for Miley Cyrus when she first started getting backlash for bringing that homeless guy to the MTV Video Music Awards, but now that she's getting so defensive and refusing to take responsibility for the fact that she made a mistake, I'm really losing patience with her.

Listen, I love the idea of bringing awareness to youth homelessness as much as everybody else. I think that's a great cause, and there are many excellent ways to support it. I just don't think that one of them is by swinging through an LA shelter, picking up the first reasonably attractive, twenty-something dude you see, and bringing them to the VMAs with you, no questions asked. That's how you end up sending up a homeless guy to accept your award who's A. not homeless, B. an aspiring model, and C. wanted by the police for multiple probation violations stemming from three arrests between the years of 2010 and 2011.

But for as much as the rest of us are facepalming and accepting that this (perhaps well-intentioned but probably more Macklemore-ian and self-congratulatory) gesture backfired in a major way, Miley isn't there yet. Instead of acknowledging that by failing to do any research on this guy, she actually did a disservice to the cause she was trying to represent, she's trying to shift the blame to the media for calling her out on her error.

No one is denying that homeless people live very difficult lives, and perhaps you're right that Jesse Helt has as well. Those two things just have nothing in common because a young man whose mom says about him and his lifestyle choices — “It was his choice, he was always welcome, he could always come back any time. If he needed help, I’d help him, we help one another” — is not homeless.

You know what? I hope so too. Despite your best efforts.

Aside from the fact that your sentence structure is ascribing the ‘inaction' to the homeless people, this has absolutely nothing to do with the task at hand. Because remember from before? Jesse = not homeless.

Girl, come on. Get your head out of your ass for a second and take responsibility for yourself. Jesse isn't your friend, he's your pet project, and if you think you're not exploiting this dude just as much as you're accusing other people of doing, then you're wildly delusional. What other reason can you give for sending him up to get your award and give his speech and then plopping yourself down on a railing so you could sit in shot and cry?  That's about two glasses of wine away from watching yourself cry into a mirror while an Adele song plays, and we all know it.

So get self-righteous and defensive as much as you want, because that's a twenty-one year old's perogative. Just next time you spontaneously decide to put a face on youth homelessness on national television, first make sure he's not an aspiring model, and then make sure he's not an aspiring homeless person. Just a thought.