Miley Cyrus Definitely Wants Us To Think She’s Dating Nick Jonas Again

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Miley Cyrus Definitely Wants Us To Think She s Dating Nick Jonas Again Miley Cyrus leaving LA recording studio with Nick bracelet June 2013 jpgToday is one of those days when I’m convinced that Miley Cyrus is either a complete media genius or some sort of bumbling nonsense machine without cognitive awareness. There is no middle ground with Miley, today or any day. If she’s not deliberately and delicately trolling the media by tweeting a photo of herself in a wedding dress the day before the announcement of her and Liam Hemsworth‘s breakup is released, she’s having a joy seizure complete with Parseltongue over the release of her new song ‘We Can’t Stop’…which isn’t very good, as long as we’re on the subject. And now Miley is at it again, trying desperately to convince me that she’s back with her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas. And you know what? It’s kind of working.

A couple months ago, in a story that rocked the blogosphere to its very core, Miley and Nick either did or did not have lunch together. It was a day fraught with energies, with many tears shed and much wringing of hands over here at the Crushable office. And now, just as we were getting over the trauma of that day, here comes another day, on which Miley left an LA recording studio and flashed waiting reporters a look at a bracelet reading ‘NICK’. N-I-C-K, you guys! That stands for ‘Now I Can Kiss’, right?? Which means she and Liam are definitely broken up, so she can make smoochfaces with Nick Jonas! Or it could just be Nick’s name, but that seems pretty amateur-level for a media savant like Miley, don’t you think? Give the gal some credit, she’s got us exactly where she wants us.

But seriously I need this to be true. I haven’t followed a celebrity scavenger hunt in days. DAYS I tell you.

(Image: David Tonnessen / Pacific Coast News)