Miley Cyrus Is Reportedly Hooking up with the Most Random Person Ever

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I'm pretty sure we've just time traveled back to 2006, because there's a new celebrity couple on the horizon and it's completely bizarre.

In what is likely the most random pairing I've ever heard of, tabloids are reporting that Miley Cyrus is “hooking up” with comedian Dane Cook.

Despite the fact that she is 22 and he is 43, they've apparently been friends for years and he's been there for her through her breakups with Liam Hemsworth and Patrick Schwarzenegger, among others.

And now, after thoroughly scouring Dane's Instagram account (research, you guys. My job is strange sometimes.) it appears that they really HAVE been friends for a while. Here are some of their oddly cute Instagram pictures.





Aw, they're just like normal couples who take pics with filters and get photobombed by Joe Manganiello and joke about boobs. Er…

This is a weird couple but could actually be kind of cute. Surely Miley can find more in common with an older guy, given that she's only 22 and lived a few lifetimes already, but you know how she is, she just ~can't be tamed~ so who knows if she's ready to settle down with ‘ol Daner? Mazel tov, you lovebirds!

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