Miley Cyrus Can’t Spell Her Boyfriend’s Last Name, Which Is A Great Sign In A Healthy Fakelationship

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Miley Cyrus Can t Spell Her Boyfriend s Last Name  Which Is A Great Sign In A Healthy Fakelationship Miley Cyrus kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger November 2014 jpg Miley Cyrus wants us all to know she’s still dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. But she wants us all to know it’s like, no big deal. But also the biggest deal, y’know? But, like, it’s still a chill relationship. So chill, in fact, that she can’t be bothered to learn how to spell his name. Someone should show her how to Google, because this is so not okay in a relationship! But it is okay in a fakelationhip, like Miley and Patrick’s. When asked about their status as a couple recently, Miley admitted she’s having trouble grasping the phonics of her lover’s Austrian surname.

“I can’t tell you, apparently there’s not a ‘T’ in it.”

LOL, Miley’s just being Miley! In her defense, it’s not exactly like his last name is “Smith.” And I can kinda understand the inclination to think “Schwartz…en…eggerrr”, which is what I’m assuming she’s saying here. But not in her defense? IT’S ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS LAST NAMES EVER. Get it together, girl. If you want us to care so badly, you best do a better job of convincing not only us but yoself. That Christmas lunch with AHHHNOLD just isn’t gonna do it. Maybe she should try dating one of these fellas who are arguably more famous and likely to keep Miley in the news. Because I don’t know about you, but the most exciting thing about Miley and Patrick being together is the thought of how uncomfortable it MUST make Maria Shriver. She’s a Kennedy, for God’s sake. You know she ain’t having none of this Destiny Hope business, no matter what she says to the contrary. Everything else? ZZzzzZZZZZ. (Photo: Harry How / Getty Images Sport)