Just A Little Video Proof That Miley Cyrus Is Britney Spears’ Number One Fan

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Miley Cyrus Britney Spears Vegas December 2013

We've been posting quite a bit of not-so-promising news about Britney Spears lately, from her album bombing to her abs allegedly being painted on. But there's one thing Britney can definitely count on, and that's Miley Cyrus being her number one fan. Miley was front and center at Britney's Las Vegas opening this weekend, and it looks like she had a very good time. She also kissed a girl at one point and might have started a PR relationship with Kellan Lutz. Despite all that, and despite the fact that she has her tongue out again in the Instagram photo she shared, this video of her dancing made me smile.

Let me tell you something, I never thought a Miley Cyrus video would make me smile. I certainly didn't smile when I saw her ride a wrecking ball, and I frowned through the entirety of her recent masturbation video. Sure, her gig on SNL made me laugh, but that was a sketch comedy show. My internal monologue didn't consist of “Aww, that's kind of sweet.” But that's what my internal monologue was like when I watched this video of Miley busting a move to Britney's “Till the World Ends.” That song is catchy; nobody can resist dancing to that.

Miley and Britney are friends, as Miley told Huffington Post U.K. recently, saying that “it’s good to have that one person in my life who gets it.” I know if I were opening a show in Las Vegas amid reports that my career wasn't going so well (although Britney might be blissfully unaware of that), I'd want a friend there enthusiastically supporting me in the front row. And if there's one thing Miley nails in that video — and in general — it's enthusiasm. If anything, she has too much enthusiasm.

Was that video not enough to prove Miley's fandom to you? She also arrived at the concert wearing a backpack covered in “Baby One More Time”-era Britney's face. Plus she captioned the above photo: “If u told me I'd be front row & center on @britneyspears opening night 10 years ago I would've never believed you.” I'm really happy for you, Miley, and I'mma let you finish, but please just put your tongue away.

(Photo: Instagram)