Miley Cyrus Follows Up Her Infamous Penis Cake With The ‘Decisions’ Music Video

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Miley Cyrus makes out with Liam Hemsworth dressed as a unicorn "Decisions" video Borgore dubstep bitches like cake

This seems to be the week of random singles dropping! Yesterday we puzzled over Ashlee Simpson‘s “edgy” comeback track, and today we have a new Miley Cyrus head-scratcher. To clarify, Miley is a guest on DJ Borgore‘s new song “Decisions”—but since it was her involvement that got them a music video, she decided to pop by for the shoot. And by “pop by,” I mean “jump out of a cake and then make out with Liam Hemsworth while he wears a unicorn head.”

Yep, that's Miley's fiancé in the still above. The dubsteppy “Decisions” video and song are the definition of random. Like, there's probably a larger meaning in lyrics like Bitches want cake, but I'm not seeing it. I mean, it's not surprising that Miley joined in, nor that she dragged Liam with her. After all, we can't easily forget the penis cake she commissioned for her guy's birthday last year.

Apparently Borgore wrote the song about his ex-girlfriend, porn star Jessie Andrews. If you listen to the rap part, it's all about having to choose between his family and a porn star, but of course the only lyrics that stick in our heads are the chorus:

Decisions, but I want it all so I get it all
I wanna eat the whole cake
I'm not sharing, I'm not sharing
You should have learned how to bake

And while cake must be a metaphor for true love with an adult performer, the video takes it literally: Borgore presides over several cakes that look like they're straight from Cake Wrecks, and then Miley pops out of the multi-tiered wedding cake like a Vegas stripper.

Last month, Miley gave Rolling Stone a preview of the shoot, saying, “That shit was crazy! [Borgore] walked into his hotel room, and it was people in the weirdest clothes you've ever seen. My fiancé was dressed as a unicorn. We make out in the video, which is very funny. It's just the most random group. We walk in and we're like, ‘This feels like a party,' so it's dope.”

You know what Miley didn't mention? We get to see her in a wedding dress, even if it's only for the last few seconds of the video and it's smeared with cake. We're getting closer and closer to envisioning her as Mrs. Liam Hemsworth. But considering how the two of them party in a music video, I'll be scared to see their bachelor and bachelorette parties.