Miley Cyrus Wears A Head-To-Toe Dress At The VMAs That Still Manages To Show Her Boobs

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Job well done Miley Cyrus. Despite wearing a dress that covered 90% of your body at the 2012 VMAs, you still managed to show off 90% of your boobs. Not every lady can pull that off.

But I think we all know by now that we can always count on you to go above and beyond when it comes to chancing a nip slip at an awards show or red carpet event. It's like a signature Miley Cyrus moment now.

Why I expect to see full boob by the time the 2013 Oscars roll around.

Because if you're not experimenting with your hair and if you're not talking about your engagement to Liam Hemsworth, you're playing some kind of risky game of truth and dare with your areolas.

Truth: will the world see them tonight?

Dare: the world will them tonight!

It's fun, it keeps the mood light and it's a pleasant change from seeing you take photos in your living room. So boob on Miley Cyrus! Keep us on the edge of our seats wondering if you'll be tonight's first nip slip.

Remember the more nip you slip, the more coverage you get tomorrow. Life is ironic like that.

(Photo: Into Now)