Miley Cyrus Signs On For New Lifetime Miniseries Proving Lifetime is Now Television for Tweens

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If your dreams came true when you found out that Lindsay Lohan would be portraying the incomparable Elizabeth Taylor on Lifetime's Liz & Dick, just hold onto your guchies.  Miley Cyrus will now star in the re-make of Bonnie and Clyde, the role Faye Dunaway made famous years ago.  That's right, Lifetime (and the History Channel, apparently) think that Miley Cyrus has the chops to play one half of the famous partners in crime.

I'm just assuming that studios and networks in Hollywood are completely out of original ideas, because the last few years have seemingly produced nothing but sequels re-makes.  What's next, Lifetime? A Casablanca re-boot starring Selena Gomez?  A sequel to Citizen Kane with Andrew Keegan as the lead?  Or maybe a miniseries of  Gone With the Wind starring an Olsen twin?

No word yet on who will star opposite Miley in the role originated by Warren Beatty.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Jonathan Taylor Thomas.