Miley Cyrus Bravely Steps Out In Bikini, Despite Being Brokenhearted

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Miley Cyrus Bikini Summer 2013

Please note: this is not the bravery bikini. This is just a normal bikini.

Even though Liam Hemsworth surgically removed Miley Cyrus‘ heart last week, stomped on it, spit on it, drunkenly tattooed something regrettable on it and mailed to a P.O box registered in January Jones‘ name, she still managed to have a little bit of fun this weekend. IN A BIKINI! That's right. You clinically cannot tame this girl!

Unless of course this is some kind of celebratory bikini? SAY WHAT!? I know, I know. Just last week we told you that the two broke up because he's a cheater and she's an attention seeker. But now we're learning that may not be the case. After helping to fuel the break-up rumors last week, E! Online is now backtracking with some super happy Miliam news in an article titled: “Miley Cyrus Shows Off Hot Bikini Body, Hangs With Friends Amid Liam Hemsworth Split Rumors.” So we're also snapping on our backtrack-skis (use only under adult supervision) and getting back onboard with our favorite even-if-they-get-back-together-this-time-they-will-never-make-it couple.

Apparently we should not at all be concerned that Miley's partying by the pool without Liam. Because he's just out of town right now. Or I guess you could say, out of continent.

So where was her handsome Aussie fiancé? Working away! Liam fulfilled a promotional appearance for Bench clothing label, happily posing with fans in Manila, Philippines. Prior to that, Liam vacationed in his home country with his brother Chris Hemsworth and family—sans Miley.

B-b-but, she's still not wearing her engagement ring.

Some eagle-eyed fans might notice Miley wasn't wearing her engagement ring Friday by the pool, but don't worry. The erstwhile Disney star explained on Twitter that her bling was being fixed at the jewelers. (Not to mention, most people don't showcase their jewelry by the pool.)

Oh right, it's still being fixed at the jewelers. That sure is taking awhile! Unless, of course, we assume that Liam took it with him to Australia to a jewelers there. Then it makes more sense. That's probably what happened. Gosh, I can't wait to see them back together!

Well, I can wait a bit if it means Liam wants to hang out with a normal for a bit while he figures his stuff out. And if I'm that normal. But after that, I'm real excited for them to reunite.

(Photo: Manuel Munoz, PacificCoastNews.com)