Miley Cyrus Answers Ten Questions For Jay Leno

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Miley Cyrus chats with Jay Leno from in front of the stage where she was going to perform last night! He asks her ten questions:

1. Who was your idol growing up? Dolly Parton
2. What is the oddest thing you put ketchup on? People say pizza, it’s not odd to me, but I love it!
3. Any foods you don’t eat? Anything green.
4. Do you have a curfew? It depends on if my mom is in a good mood or not! Usually 12:00.
5. Do you have a nickname? Spidermonkey
6. Who’s your favorite Jonas Brother? Frankie, the little one.
7. How would you have handled that [Kayne West and Taylor Swift]? I would have said, rude, disrespectful, and I’d have made them let me finish my speech.
8. Do you have a favorite article of clothing and have you ever worn it more than one day in a row? My favorite shirt is a Beatles shirt that I like, but I wear my black boots every day.
9. If you weren’t in show biz, what would you want to be doing? I’d be a wedding planner probably.
10. In fifteen seconds, how many Billy Ray Cyrus songs can you name?