Photo Proof That Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have Normal Friends Who Wear Sleeveless Shirts

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If I go for three minutes without hearing about Miley Cyrus, I have a self-induced asthma attack. Sorry I'm not sorry for wanting to know what she's doing and how she's feeling and what angle she's going to photograph herself from next.

So the past several days have been a struggle for me. Her last Twitter update was on September 21st. Today is September 27th. That's six days without any updates from and about Miley Cyrus. Just when I was about to call 911 and report her as missing, this photo shows up on Instagram. While it may not be recent, it's some indicator that she's alive and well.

Hallelujah and praise the lord!

It features Miley Cyrus, her fauxance Liam Hemsworth and assorted friends just hanging out and looking normal in Palm Springs on September 10th. (Or not September 10th, I'm a guesstimator, not a doctor).  My intensive Twitter-stalking course paid off because I was able to find out some more details on this trip. (Or not on this trip, refer to the last set of parenthesis for more details.)

1. The trip involved her favorite people in the world. Cheyne Thomas, Paul Khoury and Harrison Smart.

2. 3,224 people completely agree with her that she's maxinnnn with her favorite people in the world. That's why they retweeted this. 1,431 people want to relive this memory of Miley Cyrus maxinnn over and over again, so they favorited this tweet.

3. Miley Cyrus suffered from a belly ache at some point on September 10th. While we don't know for sure what caused this belly ache, we do know from Paul Khoury's response that it might be from eating too much food. However Paul Khoury seems to have a worst bout of belly ache because he's physically unable to move for an entire day.

4. Despite Paul Khoury's inability to move, he does enjoy taking photos — as evidenced by his bio on his Instagram photo.

5. Also, based on the photo above, we can conclude that the friends of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth dislike sleeves. They possibly even despise them. But no amount of Twitter research could explain that mystery to me.

And there you have it. A complete update on what Miley Cyrus allegedly did with her friends in Palm Springs approximately 17 days ago. That should keep you satisfied until you get another update from her.