Did Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have Sex Under A Table At An Oscars Party?

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Just when I was thinking that Miley Cyrus looked all grown up and mature  posing for photos at the Vanity Fair Oscars party with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth last night, a blind item comes out today, alluding to the fact that she insisted on having sex with Liam under a table.  According to Blind Gossip:

This former A list tweener kept up her one person bucket list of s*xual experiences to try. She pouted and emasculated her soon to be very close to A list movie star boyfriend, but now just a B- until he agreed to have s*x with her under a table while people were sitting there. Very loud party. No bathroom sex for her. “Been there done that. Gross.”

While this obviously isn't confirmed yet, all clues point to it being Miley. So let's play Hollywood Detective (very different than Hollywood Squares) and see what clues we can figure out:

1. Miley's definitely “a former A list tweener.”

2. With the Hunger Games coming out next month, Liam Hemsworth would definitely be considered “very close to A list movie star boyfriend.”

3. The two definitely attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party last night.

Well those three “definitely” clues alone are all I need to say that I'm 73% sure that this blind item is about them. And with that decided, all I have to say is “good job Miley!”

From now until the end of her life, she will always win the conversation topic, “craziest place I've ever had sex with A-List Oscar nomines within earshot.”

Update: Here's something we do know Miley and Liam did: A new preview for MTV's Punk'd reveals that she decided to prank her boyfriend by having naked people climb in her car.