While You Hoard Non-Perishables, Mila Kunis Hoardes A Baby Bump

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While you spent your afternoon trying to decide if 45 gallons of fresh water would be enough to keep you hydrated during Hurricane Sandy, Mila Kunis spent it strutting around Los Angeles with an alleged baby bump — just hanging out for all the world to see.

Yes, the latest rumors in the world of beautiful fetuses involve Mila Kunis being pregnant with Ashton Kutcher's child. Or just being bloated. But bloated doesn't sell headlines (although it probably sells Activia) and therefore we're going to go with the baby bump angle.

(Note: the photo above is not the notorious baby bump photo. That's here. This photo is from another day, when she's possibly checking to see if there's a baby in her belly. Or just possibly seeing if she's really the world's sexiest woman.)

Why? Well Mila Kunis does own lady parts so getting pregnant's not wildly unrealistic. If everyone started saying Ashton Kutcher was sporting a baby bump I'd be like *cough* attention whore *cough* prosthetic *cough*.  But since it's Mila, it's definitely biologically possible.

Also Radar Online reports that one time Mila Kunis told Glamour  that she wants a family and a baby at some point in her life. And if you're as good at reading between the lines as I am, then you know she's basically saying, “next time you see me out looking a little bigger than usual in the uterus area, just assume I'm pregnant. Don't call me, don't call my publicist, just spread the rumor that I'm pregnant!”

So even though you're probably busy wondering how much you can return your non-perishables for if this storm turns out to just be a PR stunt for Weather.com, take a moment and send positive thoughts to the maybe baby growing inside Mila Kunis.

(Photo: Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com)