Mila Kunis Joins The List Of Hacked Celebs

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These celebrity phone hackers sure are good at their game. The people behind the leaked nudes of Scarlett Johansson that were released this morning have apparently also gotten their hands on the files inside Mila Kunis‘ cell phone — and the contents are like totally sensational, you guys!

According to the hackers‘ finds, Mila was having herself quite a little dalliance with her Friends with Benefits co-star, Justin Timberlake. Evidently, her phone contains photos of Justin — in one, he's shirtless on a bed and in another, he's posing with a pair of ladies' undies on his head. (No dicks in boxes, however.) The hackers also uncovered a string of text message exchanges betweent he former co-stars.

Another photo shows Mila in a bathtub, but only her head is visible. Which makes her a hell of a lot more savvy (or maybe just more demure) than Scarlett — who, by the way, is taking her case to The FBI.

Is it totally terrible of us that we hope that this news is legit? We just have such a big crush on Justin Timberlake and seeing him with ladythings on his head would probably make us faint. We will, of course, bring you those photos if and when they finally appear.