The 5 Most Awkward Moments From The Cringeworthy Mila Kunis Interview Everyone’s Talking About

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Mila Kunis

There's a new interview with Mila Kunis making the rounds, and it's very different from the time she did that amazing and hilarious BBC interview with Chris Stark that everyone shared with their friends like “Dude, look how cool Mila Kunis is.” This time it's more like, “Dude, that's awkward.” Because this interview, which was conducted by Stephen Whitty of the Star-Ledger to promote Mila's new film Third Person, is decidedly less fun.

This is a written interview and not a video one, so it's harder to determine Mila's exact tone and demeanor while answering these questions. We have to read into it from what we're given, or just take Whitty's word for it and believe that she seemed to find his questions “dull, insulting, or burdened by some sort of agenda.” There's no denying it's uncomfortable read. Take a look at the five most cringeworthy moments to really give you an idea.

1. When she refuses to tell him how she's feeling.

“I don’t talk about that for publication,” she says coldly.

Whitty admits that there was “a bit of genuine concern added” to that question because she's pregnant, but he does point out that she's talked about her pregnancy openly on various talk shows and in print interviews. Plus, answering with a simple “Good” or “Fine, thanks” should suffice, right? That's not secret information.

2. When she answers a question about her recent tendency towards indie projects by trying to prove Whitty wrong.

“Not really, because in the middle of all that I still did `Oz (the Great and Powerful)’ and I still did `Jupiter Ascending,’ so that sort of destroys your assumption,” she says.

The cringe is strong in this one.

3. When she refuses to talk about moving to America from Ukraine.

“I’ve talked about me moving to America in a hundred interviews,” she says. “It’s the most mundane subject possible, it’s like everyone’s immigrant story. It was much harder for my 13-year-old brother, it was much harder for my parents.”

It's understandable that she'd get tired of rehashing the same information she's gone over time and time again. Still, that doesn't make imagining this response any less uncomfortable.

4. When she doesn't want to talk about why she started acting.

“Honestly asking a nine-year-old why, who knows?” she says. “It was just a fun thing to do. Other kids take karate, art, gymnastics and I happened to take acting classes, it was just fun. There was nothing else to it. I don’t know if that’s the answer you’re fishing for.”

If you ask me, she kind of answered the question within her complaint about the question, so some time could probably have been saved here.

5. When she takes comments about her “meatier” roles as an insult.

“I hate when people ask me this question,” she says. “People have this misconception that comedy’s easy… I’m always looking for challenges and I find a lot of things to be challenging. It can be the director, the producer, a lot of things. I just want to work with people more talented than I am that I can learn from.”

The interview starts to go more smoothly after that, which even Whitty admits, and Mila even ends it by saying it was “a good interview,” although sarcasm is hard to detect over the Internet, so who knows what she meant by that. Whitty still makes a few assumptions about why Mila was irritable for their conversation, suggesting everything from how her recent Marie Claire interview was covered to having morning sickness. Whatever the reason, it's definitely an awkward read.

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