Yo, Mila Kunis Needs To Be Able To Have A Bad Day Without Being Labeled A Bitch

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Mila Kunis raising eyebrows GIFOnce upon a time this morning, a Mila Kunis interview started making the rounds in which she was a big old bitch. Sorry, I should clarify — she didn't sound like the normal, cheerful Mila whom we've ‘gotten to know' over years of reading similar interviews, so we immediately labeled her a bitch.

…which we should probably reexamine, if we have a second. Is the interview awkward? Oh god yes. I did not enjoy reading it. But since we weren't there, it's impossible to know where all that tension was coming from. When she's asked how she's feeling and says ‘I don't speak about that for publication', it's easy to read that as her being a frosty-ass bitch, an assumption that's assisted by the interviewer labeling her delivery as ‘cold'.

But if we give Mila the benefit of the doubt for a second, understanding that she's been doing interviews like this for years and that it's her literal job, it puts things in a different light. For example, when she's asked if all she's going to be doing is indie movies from now on, she responds:

“Not really, because in the middle of all that I still did `Oz (the Great and Powerful)’ and I still did `Jupiter Ascending,’ so that sort of destroys your assumption.”

Call me crazy, but it sounds to me like Mila just doesn't like her interviewer's questions, and she's not sugar-coating it. She never attacks him, just his questions and the fact that she's heard them all before. Flippancy is something that we forgive a male actor for without a moment's thought, even if they exhibit it constantly (hi John Mayer, hello Adam Levine), but when we see it in a female star on one occasion, we're inclined to use that information to label her as a bitch.

Well you know what? I'm kind of a bitch every day, and I don't even have the excuse of thirty-five press junkets a day with people who can't be bothered to check my resume or to ask me an original question that isn't about my emigration from the Ukraine. Oh and also my body isn't stealing my nutrients and/or hours of sleep to feed them to a growing life inside me, so I really don't think I'm qualified to judge her on one interview one time.

This woman has proven herself to be a consummate professional, so if she's behaving in a way that seems to challenge that, maybe we should cut her some slack for a second and remember that the person describing her behavior was also the only other person involved in the exchange.

He's hardly going to represent himself as an interviewer who was getting under the skin of a typically charming, personable, interesting, hilarious celebrity subject, so the only other alternative is to paint her as a secret bitch, to be unmasked here once and for all!