Mila Kunis Shows Interviewer How To Interview Her During Interview, Amazingness Ensues

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mila kunis bbc interview

If you're the kinda girl who's spent the past few months eyeing Jennifer Lawrence for the coveted role as your new best friend, then you're probably also the kind of girl who wishes Mila Kunis could be your cool, older stepsister who taught you everything you know about sex, drugs and shoplifting from Wet Seal. If you're somehow not already feeling that way about her, then just wait. After you watch this BBC Radio 1 interview, you're going to understand where I'm coming from with whole weird stepsister thing. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that you're probably going to want your parents to get divorced.

But before you click play and start rebuiliding your family, let me prepare you for what you're about to see. Mila Kunis sits down with Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 for an interview about her upcoming movie Oz: The Great and Powerful. Chris kicks off the interview by admitting that he's petrified of the entire interview process. Also Mila Kunis. Probably because she plays a witch in a movie and Chris Stark has trouble differentiating between movies and real life. Classic Chris Stark. So Mila walks him through the interview proces in the same way I know she'd walk me through the heavy black eyeliner stage of middle school if she was my stepsister.

Then, as an added treat, she rattles off all the answers to all his movie questions before he can even ask. Showing us that she's probably a little tired of answering the same cliched questions about her character Theodora. It's far more entertaining than any other interview I've seen for this movie. Dare I say it, it's my favorite Chris Stark interview ever. EVER!