Watch Ashton And Mila Joke About Their Relationship On Two And A Half Men, Try Not To Die Of Awkward

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Mila Kunis Two and a Half Men clip April 2014

Don't ask me why I was expecting anything good when I pressed play on a video from Two and a Half Men, but I guess I figured Mila Kunis' upcoming guest role on the show would be at least mildly cute, since she and the show's star Ashton Kutcher are engaged and expecting a baby together and all that jazz. But based on these clips, even a cute real-life couple can't make a scene from a terrible show entertaining. Get ready to cringe.

The first clip from the episode, which will air on April 10 on CBS if you're in the mood to want to bang your head against a wall for a full half hour, is awkward simply because nothing funny is said for an entire minute, yet the laugh track thinks it's the most hilarious scene ever written. For instance, the joke “Everything you say is like a bumper sticker” leads to the sound of a guy literally laughing his ass off.

The second clip is awkward because the show decided it would be HILARIOUS to have Ashton and Mila make a bunch of self-referential jokes about their own relationship. So Mila assumes Ashton dates hot actresses. Pause for laughter. Nope, he hates actresses. HAHAHA IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE MILA KUNIS IS A HOT ACTRESS AND ASHTON KUTCHER IS DATING HER! Then they move on to talking about how little they care about celebrity engagements, which is funny because THEY'RE ENGAGED YOU GUYS! Pause for more laughter.

I guess since these two haven't starred in anything together since their That '70s Show days and they stay pretty under the radar as a couple, I was excited to see them interact, albeit as people other than themselves. And boy was I disappointed. I won't go as far as to say it's their fault, though. I mean, I doubt there's anyone who could make that dialogue funny. Mila does look cute eating with those chopsticks, though.