Mila Kunis Can Totally Do Better Than Ashton Kutcher, I Think

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I'm no love expert with my own TV show on Bravo, but I'm pretty sure that Mila Kunis can date someone better than Ashton Kutcher. So why then was she all over her new not-boyfriend-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher at a party this weekend? Well-meaning photographers with incredible zoom capabilities on their cameras captured the two rounding second base this weekend at a party in L.A. And frankly, it's disappointing. (Also disappointing, the picture featured in this post is not from this weekend. Sorry for misleading you!)

In the years since That '70s Show went off the air, Ashton Kutcher got his crotch eaten out by a dog in Cheaper by the Dozen and Mila Kunis cemented her status as everyone's sexy new girl crush. One offended every literate person on Twitter and the other made movies like Friends With Benefits and Slight Romantic Attractions Because Sex Is Never Just Physical And We Will Go See Movie After Movie About This So We Can Discuss It With Our Gal Pals Until We're Blue In The Face watchable.

I think Mila Kunis still has a long career ahead of her. And all Ashton Kutcher has is a long string of apologizes for offensive things he will do in the future. So yeah, I get that the whole Kelso-Jackie real life relationship thing must be super cool for people who still watch re-runs of the show. But for the rest of us, it's like “really? him?”

Then again I could be totally wrong. Mila Kunis could be tricking us with this whole super cool sexy girl act. For all we know, she's a bigger tool than Ashton Kutcher. But until she marries Demi Moore, divorces her and hangs out with her daughters, I won't be able to say for sure.

So in conclusion, get on eHarmony girl, because I think you can score someone a lot cooler.

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