Mike Says It’s “Fun” Watching Hilary

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At the premiere of Hilary Duff's movie Stay Cool yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival, NHL boyfriend Mike Comrie says that he knew he'd enjoy the film.

Hilary Duff Stay Cool Premiere

Mike tells US Magazine that “it's always fun watching her work,” saying he and Hilary make an effort to cheer each other on when they get the chance.

“We have fun. We both live such different lives, but its always fun to support each other and spend time when we get to.”

Mike says that living far apart has not hurt their relationship. Mike, who previously lived in New York but now lives in Ottawa, is far from Hilary in LA, but he says that “if it's worth it, you make it work.”

Hilary Duff also chimed in to say that it was “natural” for them; they both have busy jobs and are focused people, but neither of them is at home waiting for the other. It sounds like a very healthy relationship!

Hilary also shared that they are private people, and it's hard when crazy things are written about her that aren't true. But the best you can do is “let it roll off your back and be confident in your own relationship.”

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