Ariana Grande And MIKA Are Creepy-Cute In The Video For ‘Popular Song’

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Ariana Grande and MIKA in Popular Song music video 2013Two of our favorite sparkling diamonds in the music community, MIKA and Ariana Grande, have collaborated on the track ‘Popular Song‘, from MIKA's most recent album ‘The Origin of Love', last year. It's not my most favoritest of all the tracks (um, hello, ‘Love You When I'm Drunk'), but the combo of these two marvelous people is worth at least another looksie and listenzie. Especially when it gets a music video! Those are the best! Singing and dancing and colors all at the same time! What a spectacle!

The video is kind of Carrie-themed, with the similar personalities of Ariana and MIKA getting bullied in their…high school for witches? Or goth kids? It's unclear, but wherever they are, the rest of the kids do not like them. So they schedule a dinner party for 11:00pm, invite all the worst offenders…and poison them to death. Yup, literally to death! But these kids totally had it coming because they can't put together the pieces on a simple invitation; if you get asked to be somewhere after 11:00 at night, that person either wants to sleep with you or murder you. That's my premium proven parental advice, no charge for the first tidbit. You're welcome.

Also, just as a rule try not to go to parties for people you bully on a constant to semi-constant basis. People are not that forgiving, I promise. They're either hoarding pig blood to throw on you at prom or they're going to turn you to some kind of rock substance and then smash you to pieces in your own home. Everybody knows that.