I Can’t Get Over This Video Of Miguel Jumping On Someone’s Neck At The 2013 BBMAs

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Miguel Jumps on Woman Billboard Music Awards 2013


Just when I thought Taylor Swift's wildly age-inappropriate unicorn shirt would be the most WTF moment of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Miguel jumped on top of someone while performing. And not in a fun or choreographed way. More like in the “holy shit, is she okay?!?!” way. However Miguel didn't appear to be concerned in the least because he just hopped off that woman's neck and kept performing. As if giving people this kind of avant-garde whiplash is all part of his performance. While she gets up quickly, I can't help but think she's probably in A LOT OF PAIN. I know the show must go on, but aren't there exception sometimes? Like when your stage dive goes horribly wrong and you end up on top of a human being?

Even worse her friends don't seem more than mildly concerned. Like they're totes worried about her, but they're also pretty quick to take her front row spot. Sure, maybe these people aren't her friends, but still, someone jumps on a lady's neck right in front your face, it's kinda courteous to make sure she's not dead and that her neck still works and did this really happen AND IS SHE OKAY??

Update: Miguel tweeted to let us know that Khyati is fine. He was just caught up in the moment. Which is not to be confused with getting your legs caught around another person's neck.


(Vine: @Keanesian)