We Didn’t Forget Them, The Best Middle Child Characters in Pop Culture

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Trust me, being the middle child is one of the worst fates you can have. It's not even something you just have to deal with as a kid. It lasts well into your adulthood. You think it's bad competing with your little brother? Try competing with his kids. (In a friendly, loving way, of course.) Yeah, nieces and nephews soon become the enemy too. (Again, an enemy that you deeply love and care for.) It's a rough life to live, but someone's got to do it. We're truly the brave ones in this world.

We're not the only ones though. Thankfully there has been a myriad of middle child characters in movies and on TV that have helped aid in the pain of being stuck in the middle. The middle kids of reality salute these middle child characters, from Lisa Simpson to Ian Gallager, because we know all too well how hard that spot is. Now let's take a look at the best from movies and TV!