Mick Jagger May Have Hosted SNL Last Night, But The Real Star Of The Show Was Saying Goodbye To Kristen Wiig In Style

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Although last night's SNL was chalk full of superstars, including both Arcade Fire and Foo Fighters who backed host Mick Jagger during the music performances, and special guest appearances by Jon Hamm, Steven Martin, and Amy Poehler, the real star was Kristen Wiig.

After seven years on the show, Wiig has decided to move on in her career and leave her Saturday Night Live days behind. During last night's show, that was relatively boring and just confirmed that Jagger should stick to his day job, we did get to see Wiig perform some of her best characters (who doesn't love when she plays that creepy woman with the even creepier doll hands?) and Steve Martin barely recognizable in a blond wig. So there definitely were some highlights in there.

However, the greatest part of the night was when Wiig was sent off to The Rolling Stones‘ song “She a Rainbow.” Obviously emotional and trying to hold it together, although the tears were there, Wiig danced with Jagger, all of her cast mates, and finally Lorne Michaels himself.

Watch the video below, but don't be surprised if you get choked up, too.