Is The Poor Michelle Tumblr The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Super Bowl?

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Considering I hate football, I kinda loved the Super Bowl this year. Beyonce killed it during the half time show, Amy Poehler starred in a commercial, Sandra Bullock sat with the real Blind Side family and someone found this amazing Poor Michelle Tumblr. Not sure when I moved to Heaven, but I am l-o-v-i-n-g this view!

During last night's Destiny's Child reunion, all eyes were on Michelle Williams. Mostly because she looked a little off.

michelle williams super bowl entrance(Via)

In her defense, it's been a few years since she's performed at this level. So we can forgive her for looking a little bouncy. And even a little off on the choreography  It happens to the best of us during surprise Super Bowl half time shows. I can remember clearly the mistake I made when I showed up on stage wtih Justin Timberlake a few years back.  I didn't properly attach my top and it ripped off and it was a disaster. So I know how Michelle feels, I'm totally on her side.

You know who else is on Michelle's side? Poor Michelle. It's a Tumblr designed to remind us how poorly she's treated. And tell you what, it's pretty poor. Just take a look at some of my favorites.

Poor Michelle 1 Poor michelle 2 poor michelle 3

I completely forgot how badly everyone treated her. It's almost criminal once you see it all neatly compiled into a blog like this. However, there is an Academy-Award-nominated-Silver-Lining to this whole mistreatment scandal. And it is that she's finally getting justice.

Maybe now we can all stop ignoring Michelle Williams and acknowledge her for the performer that she is…and not the Jason-Segel-dating performer that she isn't.