Michelle Williams’ Nude Scene Was Mistakenly Shown At A Q&A, So Update The Definition Of Awkward

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Michelle Williams  Nude Scene Was Mistakenly Shown At A Q A  So Update The Definition Of Awkward Michelle Williams Oz the Great and Powerful Photocall February 2013 jpg

It looks like actress Michelle Williams needs to borrow the “poor Michelle” meme from her Destiny’s Child counterpart, because something very “poor Michelle”-worthy happened to her recently during a Q&A at the New Yorker Festival. There she was, minding her own business, and suddenly she and all the guests were watching a nude scene featuring her and Ryan Gosling from her 2010 movie Blue Valentine. I’m willing to bet that’s probably not what she was planning to do that day.

An audience member told the New York Daily News all about the unexpected situation.

“They intro’d a clip that was supposed to detail when the cracks in their relationship are starting to show,” said one dumbfounded audience member. Instead, they ran a scene in which a flustered Gosling tries reconnecting sexually with his emotionally withdrawn wife, shouting “What, do you want me to rape you?”

So not only was Michelle naked in the scene, but her onscreen husband was also yelling at her about rape. I would say that’s likely a very unpleasant clip to watch out of context. The New Yorker‘s film writer David Denby, who was hosting the Q&A, reportedly explained that there had been a mix-up and apparently said, “My wife told me not to pick that clip – and I didn’t!” Call me crazy, but he probably should have come to that conclusion without his wife’s help, considering that, according to the source, Ryan Gosling was doing most of the talking in the scene anyway.

It sounds like even Michelle was wary of the motive behind the clip, since after joking that she always forgets that people will continue watching these nude scenes years later, she commented that the host had a “glint” in his eye. Michelle also reportedly decided to skip the event’s after-party. Let’s get everybody in charge of the English dictionaries on the phone to let them know they should update their entries for “awkward” with a description of this situation.

Obviously actors know when they film a nude scene that it will exist forever, and they also have to deal with watching the scenes in public during film premieres and the like, but it has to be incredibly embarrassing to find yourself staring at your naked body in the presence of a group of strangers when you weren’t expecting it, especially if the movie came out three years ago. Yikes.

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