Michelle Williams Talks About Relationship With Jason Segel, Warms The World’s Collective Heart

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Michelle Williams Jason Segel Matilda LedgerEmma Stone and Andrew Garfield better watch their backs, because Michelle Williams and Jason Segel are giving them a run for their money in the Cutest Celebrity Couple competition.

In the March issue of InStyle magazine, Michelle, who graces the cover with her Oz: The Great and Powerful co-stars Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz, opens up about her relationship with Jason. It is — unsurprisingly — incredibly sweet.

In addition to calling Jason “nice,” which I think is unfortunately an underrated adjective in Hollywood, Michelle says she happy that we're happy that she's happy. Go that?

“If people are happy about it that makes me feel good because in my head the opposite is often true – that people fault or blame you for things. That's really painful. You wish they would just want you to be happy, for your kid to be happy, and for you to have a good life and do good work. Any kind sentiment that the world can feed back, well, I won't turn it down.”

I want you to be happy, Michelle! We all want you to be happy! And I'm happy that you're happy. So much happiness, all around.

The relationship that Michelle has with her daughter Matilda Ledger, from her relationship with the late Heath Ledger, is also heartwarming enough that you might not even need a jacket today. Michelle talks to the magazine about making a comfortable home for her daughter:

As a parent, you want the kid to come back to a place where it seems like the walls are made of feather down.”

I want to go to there.

Last but not least, Michelle says everything's coming up rosy cheeks for her these days:

“The other day I was out there all bundled up and the sun was shining and I realized I was smiling in a way I hadn't in a long time. The roses in my cheeks weren't from makeup for once. It was a perfect moment.”

As long as this happiness leads to more pictures of the trio walking around in size order like the three bears, I'm satisfied.

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