Video: Michelle Williams Recites Poetry, Stares At Waterfalls, In Dreamy Clip From Indie Band Wild Nothing

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I've always thought Michelle Williams was pretty cool. Despite being a Hollywood A-lister, she takes on roles in small budget films that pay relatively little, and now she's taken on the most small budget role of all: starring in an indie band's music video.

In the new clip for Virginia dream-pop act Wild Nothing‘s single “Paradise,” Ms. Williams plays a a sad eyed woman who likes to wistfully stare out the windows of airports and planes while reading Iris Murdoch‘s 1975 classic A Word Child. I can't help but notice she's flying to Australia, which holds special poignancy for anyone familiar with her personal life.

The highlight of the video is definitely the part where we get to hear her perform a ruminative monologue that fits nicely with the wistful music. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it seems like some sort of meditation that brings her to greater understanding of her life. And then she gets to go see some waterfalls!

A great actress can do a lot with a little, and it's a testament to Michelle Williams' talents that she can craft a believable emotional arc in a video where relatively little happens. Also, it's obvious that she took the role not for the money, but because she liked the music and the concept, which only deepens my love for her.