Michelle Obama Describes Life Post-White House And It’s Actually So Sad

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Michelle Obama Describes Life Post White House and It s Actually so Sad alloy default image jpg

Michelle Obama appeared on last night’s episode of The Late Show and Stephen Colbert asked her what her plans are after next year’s election when she’ll no longer be living in the White House, and it’s the saddest thing ever.

She mentioned that she and her husband want to continue their work on girls’ education “long after [they] leave the White House.” But then she said she wants to do “little things, like open a window. I want to go to Target. I want to drive.”

Stephen asked about opening windows and she lamented that if she attempts to open a window in the car, the Secret Service freaks out on her, and says that one time as “a treat” her lead agent let her keep the car windows open.

“My lead agent let me have the windows open on the way to Camp David. It was like five minutes out and he was like ‘the window’s open. Enjoy it!’ I was like, ‘thanks Allen.’”

I know she was trying to be funny, but my heart actually feels so sad. I can’t imagine a life where you’re a normal person who can’t just get into the car and go to Target with the intent of buying one thing and coming out $150 poorer. I can’t imagine not being able to open the windows in said car on a sunny day while pretending you’re Lauren Conrad, belting out a little “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield (don’t even ACT like you’ve never done this — I know you have!). I can’t imagine not being able to keep the windows open on a fall day to let that crisp breeze in (well, actually this is my life because my windows are old and impossible to open and too high for me to reach and I FEEL LIKE A PRISONER sometimes).

I’d imagine it’s tough to feel like a prisoner in your own life, so I feel for you, Michelle. I hope that post-presidential life brings plenty of long vacations with a cocktail on the beach, fun trips to Target for one eyeliner and walking out with a whole wardrobe, and all the mundane things us normal people get to do.

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