Michelle Obama Says ‘Ew!’ With Jimmy Fallon, In Case You Forgot She’s The Coolest

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Jimmy Fallon Will Ferrell Michelle Obama Ew 2014

Jimmy Fallon continued his first week hosting The Tonight Show last night by reminding us of another bit he used to do on Late Night — the “Ew!” sketch. We're friends, so I feel like I can be honest with you. This isn't my favorite thing Jimmy Fallon does. But two things are for sure. One, I'd rather watch “Ew!” than anything Jay Leno ever did. And two, my respect for a sketch increases exponentially when it involves First Lady Michelle Obama talking like a valley girl.

That's right. Michelle Obama participated in this sketch. So did Will Ferrell, but he dresses in so many goofy outfits on a regular basis that I wouldn't blame you if you didn't even realize he was there. Mrs. Obama, however, is very noticeable. Mostly because she has perfect hair and perfect teeth and perfect posture. Unfortunately we can't see her guns in that shirt, but I'm sure they're perfect too. But besides all that, we must point out that she's totally cool for doing this. Look up “cool” in the dictionary, and there she is. I heard Rihanna was campaigning pretty hard for that dictionary space, but she failed. I'd also imagine it takes a pretty lovable host to get the first lady of the United States to participate in something like this, and if it wasn't Ellen DeGeneres it would definitely be Jimmy Fallon.

Do I wish she'd gone a step further and worn a ridiculous outfit and braces? Yes, but to be fair, I would prefer for everyone in the public eye to wear a ridiculous outfit and braces for my amusement at all times. But I understand she's gotta be her classy, poised self. And she still lets loose. I'm warning you now. When she busts out with that first big “EW!” your socks will be knocked off a little bit. And when she stands up and dances like nobody's watching, they'll be knocked off completely. So watch, invest in some new socks, and marvel at the cool that is Michelle Obama.