This GIF Of Michelle Obama Dunking Proves That She’s The Absolute Coolest

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Michelle Obama dunking a basketball with the Miami Heat January 2014 GIFI don't think there's anyone in the world I'd rather trade places with right now than Michelle Obama. I mean think about it — Barack isn't campaigning for anything right now, so she's pretty much free to do whatever she wants, right? Which in my head includes everything from base jumping off the Washington Monument, to mom-dancing with Jimmy Fallon, to posing as herself at a wax museum and jumping out at tourists to scare them.

And as random and unbelievable as those activities might sound, they're actually not that far off from how she's been spending her time lately. I mean she has yet to show up at Madame Tussaud's, but she did hang out with the Miami Heat when they visited the White House recently. And by ‘hang out' what I really mean is DUNK A BALL THROUGH A NET BEING HELD BY LEBRON JAMES. And then burst through a circle of other Heat players with a top-shelf sneer.

It was truly a beautiful moment, made all the better by the fact that this is the First Lady of the United States. I feel like when the topic of filming this segment was broached, somebody was like, “Hey Michelle, would you like to pose with Miami Heat players to promote healthy living?” And she was like, “I'll do you one better — how 'bout one of them holds a basketball net and I come running into frame to dunk on it, then stumble into your interview with THE WEIRDEST LOOK EVER ON MY FACE while you hold up a microphone at me. Would that be cool?”

Say what you will about this, but I think it's the coolest thing ever. They're not running for anything in 2016, so she gets the next two years pretty much to herself, doing whatever she wants, like inviting Adele and Beyonce to her fiftieth birthday party and just generally going HAM on obesity.

I love it.