Michelle Duggar’s Tips For A Happy Marriage Are Predictably Stepford-esque

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In this week’s premiere of TLC’s 19 Kids And Counting, human baby factory Michelle Duggar gave a talk at a conference about how to have a happy Christian marriage. The general jist of it was this: do everything your husband tells you to, and if he abuses you, it’s probably your own fault. Chris Brown‘s supporters are totally on board. [tagbox tag= “19 kids and counting”]

Some blogs have gotten a hold of the complete broadsheet that Duggar handed out, and while it’s nothing I didn’t expect from her, the advice is still shockingly retrograde and sexist. Here’s the first little bit (I’ve bolded the worst parts):

Seven Basic Needs of a Husband

1. A husband needs a wife who respects him as a man.

How does a wife destroy her husband’s manliness?

A. By expecting him to know what protection you need
1. Physical
2. Spiritual
3. Mental
4. Emotional
Tell your husband how he can protect you.

B. By being financially independent
1. Love is killed by self-sufficiency
2. Whoever controls the money controls the leadership.
Center your work and your ministry in your home.

C. By giving greater loyalty to outside leadership
1. Pastor and church leaders
2. Men and women Bible teachers
3. Relatives and friends
Ask your husband your spiritual questions. [ed: You know who else isolates their women from outside support? Spousal abusers and cult leaders.]

D. By resisting his decisions in your spirit
1. A wife’s spirit controls her husband’s ambitions
2. Reviewing past failure destroys a husband’s self-worth.
Learn to wisely appeal to your husband

E. By resisting his physical affection
1. This is the unspoken crushing of a man’s spirit.
2. A wife’s Godliness is a powerful guard against her husband’s abuse of her (I Peter 3:1).

Other areas covered include weight (God thinks you should go on a diet!), social interaction (shut up and listen admiringly to your husband!), and a strange fixation on the message conveyed by a woman’s hairstyle (I guess because she’s not allowed to talk?):

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Then again, what else can you expect from someone who stumps for Rick Santorum? Go here to read the whole ridiculous thing.

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