Michelle Duggar Urges People To Sign Petition Commending Her Family On Their Homophobia

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Duggar Meme

In case you aren't up-to-the minute on Duggar Klan news like myself, allow me to get you all caught up. Earlier this week, a Change.org petition arose calling for the cancellation of 19 Kids And Counting and for TLC to ‘end LGBTQ fear-mongering by the Duggars.' Even though it may feel like every other day there's a Change.org petition for one cause or another, this one gained a lot of attention and traction very quickly. To date, it has nearly 150,000 signatures. This petition was initiated in light of Michelle Duggar's recent robo-call where she charmingly compared transgender folks to rapists and pedophiles (God, I WISH I were joking), the recent Facebook kissing photo contest scandal, and the fact that Josh Duggar is currently employed by the Family Research Council, a well-known propaganda-spewing, hate-filled, anti-gay organization in D.C.

But we all know our favorite family to hate-watch isn't going down without a good ol' fashioned fight in the name of Our Father! Just yesterday, Michelle Duggar posted a link to a rebuttal petition and the following message to her Facebook page (I didn't even know she had her own Facebook page! WHERE HAVE I BEEN, HELP ME BABY JEEBUS):

“The Duggar Family is under attack from anti-marriage advocates for standing for traditional marriage. We commend The Duggar Family for their brave stand in defending marriage as ordained by God between one man and one woman. No individual's sexual behavior and chosen lifestyle has the right to redefine marriage. Sign our petition today to let TLC know that you support the Duggars' stand for traditional marriage.”

As of now, this particular petition has upwards of 36,000 signatures from like-minded, coherent folks who are commenting perfect little snippets like “MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE HALLELUJAH SQUARE GOD BLESS” and (bear with me here, please) “Maybe we should plan marches & heterosexual pride weekends… because that is what we believe? Oh, that's right, we can't because if we do, it is racist.”

Face. PALM.

Look, I love hate-watching the Duggars and I admit to be somewhat obsessive about their lives, because I find them fascinating. But I also recognize how dangerous their growing popularity could be. What I find truly troubling is the staggering amount of viewers who only see the Duggar family as TLC portrays them, and therefore blindly supports their views and beliefs by calling them “wholesome” and “refreshing.” A lot of folks out there are completely ignorant about the Quiverfull movement and the full extent of their radical and fundimental doctrine. Quite honestly, it's scary.

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