Everyone’s Struggling To Accept That Michelle Dockery Showed Sideboob At The SAG Awards

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Michelle Dockery Side boob

During last night's SAG Awards, Michelle Dockery wore a dress that revealed her boobs. Or at least the sides of them. While this look's pretty par for the course on red carpets these days, everyone freaked out because we're used to seeing her in 1920s clothing. I can't think of one scene in Downton Abbey where her character, Lady Mary Crawley, reveals more than 20% of her skin. And that includes sexy time scenes.

But the key word in that sentence is character. Michelle Dockery is playing a character.  Michelle Dockery is not Lady Mary Crawley. Michelle Dockery is not from the 1920s. And Michelle Dockery is not beholden to the fashion rules of the 1920s. (Although I'll be the first to admit that if she was Lady Mary Crawley and she was a time-traveling actress/socialite who found a loophole in the time space continuum and used it to win as many awards as possible, I would be impressed.)

This whole “playing a character” concept is something that I must remind myself about constantly. I often confuse actors with the roles they play. You should have seen how confused I was when I met Air Bud and he barked at me with disapproval,  “me play basketball with you? Yeah right! I'm all paws when it comes to sports!”

Fortunately, I'm not the only one who gasped in horror at the sight of the sideboob. Here are 5 other publications who are also coping with the idea that she arrived on the red carpet via car — and not via a Downton Abbey portal.

From The Daily Mail:

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From The Huffington Post:

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From The Sun

Michelle Dockery Sideboob 4 From The Mirror:
Michelle Dockery Sideboob 6

From Eonline.com

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