Michelle Dockery Tells A Naughty Story Involving Liam Neeson And A Kazoo, Need I Say More?

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Michelle Dockery Jimmy Fallon Liam Neeson kazoo

Michelle Dockery went on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and continued to confuse me by dressing like a modern woman and not like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. But once I got over that initial shock, I admired her pretty killer red jumpsuit — it kind of makes her look like a disco Mrs. Claus, and I mean that in the best way possible — and found her delightful to listen to. It helps that the words coming out of her mouth have an English accent, but regardless she's very entertaining.

One of her stories involves a kazoo, Liam Neeson, and her mum. It's not only a hilarious story but also a naughty one. Michelle might be getting some coal in her stocking this Christmas for telling it, and we might also for listening to it and laughing. And you're totally going to laugh when you hear it. Either that or crack a tiny smile on your stoic English face.

I won't ruin the punch line for you because this is a spoiler-free zone (unless we're talking about Game of Thrones), but I will set it up for you. Michelle explains that while she was filming a movie with Liam Neeson, everyone threw her a birthday party and played “Happy Birthday” on the kazoos. When her mum's sixtieth birthday rolled around, she gave her a kazoo as one of sixty presents, letting her know that it might have been the one Liam Neeson used at the party. What her mum said next will be in the “sexual kazoo story” history books for years to come. But possibly the best part of the story is how Liam responded when Michelle told him about it.

So watch, enjoy, then maybe watch it again. And then try not to let this story affect how you look at Liam Neeson this holiday season. I'm sure you'll be looking at him a lot, considering he stars in one of the most popular movies to watch around Christmastime Taken.

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