Michelle Dockery Admits Being Completely Starstruck Over P. Diddy And It’s Absolutely Delightful

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Even though I would probably find myself far more starstruck and in awe over meeting any member of the Downton Abbey cast as opposed to any popular '90s rapper, Michelle Dockery doesn't let being on a hit television show go to her head.  In fact, how she describes her feelings of awe over seeing celebrities in person is one of the most delightful items I've read lately.  Probably because I read it in Lady Mary's aristocratic British accent.

“Being in the same room as actors you've watched and loved for years is exciting.  Award shows are fun but they're something I'll never get used to. P. Diddy was at the Globes and saw our table and waved. I was like, ‘Oh my God! Sean Combs is coming over to say hello!' He was just amazing. Things like that will happen and it's surreal.”

Tell me you didn't let a girlish giggle slip after picturing Lady Mary Crawley get giddy over “Sean Combs” and I'll tell you that you're a dirty rotten liar.  Is it just me, or do British actors seem to be far removed from the obnoxious and plastic glitz and glamOUR of Hollywood in like, the best way?  I think so.  I have a tendency to take British actors much more seriously, and the accent thing is only part of the reason why. Also, what character do you think is Puff Daddy's favorite on Downton?  I picture him as a Carson man, myself.

Michelle–known for her delightful storytelling–also described the Met ball in the best possible way I think anyone has ever described a celebrity-filled event:

 ‘The Met Ball is like Madame Tussauds, but everyone moves.”

#RealTalk, courtesy of Lady Mary.  Love it.

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