Video: Michael Pitt Gets Scolded By His Tiny Boardwalk Empire Co-Star At The SAG Awards

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If anyone doesn't believe that the SAG Awards are one of the more casual awards shows, they should watch this video. Actors but especially entire ensembles seemed to be a lot more relaxed at the show, with varying effects. The Modern Family cast took the opportunity to have their child actors give the acceptance speech, but their bit about equating kids with animals fell flat.

You know who knows how to make a cute bit with kids? Boardwalk Empire. ONTD posted this cute video of the cast in front of cameras backstage, when they asked Michael Pitt to talk about what it's like to win for the second year. But when he jokes about being tired and wanting a cigarette, little Brady Noon — who plays his son on the show — calls him out in his adorable pipsqueak voice.

It's a brief, cute moment that shows how a cast gels; again, it was sweeter than the Modern Family bit because it wasn't orchestrated for the cameras. Also, Scorsese.