Michael Lohan Manages To Slam Daughter Lindsay Under The Guise Of Defending Her Acting

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Michael Lohan Lindsay Lohan Saturday Night Live prescription drugsYet again, Michael Lohan has proven himself to be incredibly shrewd: He's put himself back in the press by simultaneously upholding daughter Lindsay Lohan as a talented actress and slamming her as a drug addict; and he's cast himself in the role of sympathetic dad.

Michael exclusively told Celebrity VIP Lounge that yes, Lindsay was under the influence of something during her lackluster gig hosting Saturday Night Live several weeks ago, but it's not what you think! She wasn't out irresponsibly partying the day before; instead, she's a victim of her handlers. Just like Britney Spears circa her shaved-head meltdown, poor Lindsay does whatever her people tell her to do, which apparently includes staying dosed on prescription meds:

“I have to say this…on SNL, Lindsay was not using any illicit drugs or drinking but she still is on prescription drugs that they gave her. And the meds that they give her are meds that they say she needs, but she doesn’t need them. But they kind of make her flat. She’s not acting at a full potential. It’s like the screen is down over her.

“And now when she did Glee I said, ‘Linds, get off the damn medication and let people see who you really are.’ And for a couple days before Glee, she went off this stuff. And there were tears in my eyes when I watched Glee. THAT was Lindsay. Yeah that was her acting. That is Lindsay Lohan at the Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls potential. That is what she was.”

I dunno, we were pretty underwhelmed with Linds' guest-judge role. Also, Michael acts as if he's upset about Lindsay's current mental state and got all choked up when he saw the glimmer of her 2005 self, and yet all he's done is undermine her here. He's admitted that he has no say in his daughter's life — because of how badly he's screwed things up — and only perpetuates our notion that she's a dead-eyed zombie.

Most likely Michael calculated these quotes to hit the blogosphere around the same time as the news that his ex-wife Dina Lohan will be appearing on the new reality show Hollywood Exes. Even though he was never Hollywood to begin with, which is clear with his repeated attempts to stay relevant by capitalizing on his kids' fuckups.

Photo: The Daily Crabbie