The X-Men: First Class Sequel Title Means We’ll Probably Get To See Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy Time Traveling, Preferably In Hot Costumes

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X-Men: First Class was one of those movies that Michael Fassbender made before we really knew who he was, so it's weird to realize that by the time the sequel comes out in summer 2014, we'll be associating Fassy not with Magneto but with his blonde hair from Prometheus and his impressive full-frontal nudity in Shame. That said, he is indeed returning to the role of the misunderstood mutant villain Erik Lehnsherr, and now we officially have a title for the movie—it's called X-Men: Days of Future Past.

I'm a DC girl, so I had no idea that the title refers to one of the comics series' most famous plotlines. Days of Future Past has the X-Men traveling through time to a dystopian future where mutants are imprisoned in internment camps, while in the present Mystique and her Brotherhood of Mutants wage war against her adoptive brother Charles Xavier and his students. I'm not surprised that Mystique would get a bigger role, since Jennifer Lawrence is now arguably even more famous than Fassbender and could use a meatier arc. At the risk of sounding reductive and like it's all about love triangles, I'm curious to see Mystique once again get caught between loyalty to her adoptive brother Charles (James McAvoy) and attraction to Magneto.

Of course, I still maintain that Charles and Erik are secretly in love. So I'm looking forward to seeing them battle through different eras and alternate realities, but their forbidden affection for one another stays the same. Another positive to this time-jumping movie, the fansites have speculated, is that the producers might actually use time travel to fix the films' fucked-up continuity. Because as fun as First Class was, it created so many plot holes that don't match up with the 2000-era X-Men movies, or it simply ignored salient plot points from that trilogy. IGN has a fantastic infographic that walks you through everything that needs to be fixed. They've got their work cut out for them.

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